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High Risk Pregnancy in the Internet Age

My husband and I were cautiously excited when those two pink lines showed up. I had experienced a very early miscarriage a few months earlier and was afraid of the same thing happening again. As those first weeks ticked by

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When Grief Hits the Holidays

Five years ago, on Black Friday, my husband woke me with news that changed my world forever. My mother, at age 59, died in the night. She suffered a massive heart attack in her sleep, a diagnosis that still fills

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A Story of Life

Prior to our first ultrasound at 10 weeks, I told my mom and my husband that I was having twins. I just had a feeling, call it a mother’s intuition—call it divine preparation, I just knew. It was the same

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The Truth About Late Term Abortion

I had a late-term abortion procedure. Although I’m a very private person, I can’t keep silent any more. I’m mad that there are women who are not told the truth about abortion.  I’m furious, actually.  I saw firsthand the destruction

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