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Muddling through Modesty

It happens every year around this time without fail. The various mothering groups that I belong to inevitably begin the modesty discussion and every year I cringe and ask myself if I really want to get involved…again. I used to

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Reaching Across the Aisle

  I’ve heard quite a few people say that this political season has been the most “divisive in history.” Now, considering that I am in my late 30s, I am sure there is a certain amount of hyperbole in that

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When Grief Hits the Holidays

Five years ago, on Black Friday, my husband woke me with news that changed my world forever. My mother, at age 59, died in the night. She suffered a massive heart attack in her sleep, a diagnosis that still fills

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Think before you Pinkwash

  Ah. It’s that time of year again. October: where all the world looks as if through rose-colored glasses. Everywhere you look, pink and pink ribbons will abound because October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. These days it seems as

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Why are MLMs such a Siren Song for moms?

Even if you didn’t know they were called multi-level marketing (MLMs), you knew about them. They come in all shapes and sizes and have catchy names and inspiring stories: Thirty-One, The Pampered Chef, LuluRoe, Stella and Dot, Jamberry, and probably

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