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Is Choice All That Matters?

I observed a few heated internet exchanges recently between those who consider themselves Feminists and those they perceived as “anti-woman”. Most recently, the topic was egg and sperm donation. One person (who is male) stated that egg donation exploits the

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The Disempowerment of Women

Parenting experts often discuss the importance of how parents talk to their children. Parents are reminded to keep discussions positive and to uplift children by our encouragement and trust in their abilities. Call a child stupid or worthless often enough,

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Rebuilding the Culture

The Guiding Star Project has been getting a lot of email inquiries and other activity lately, so much in fact that we are having trouble keeping up with it all! I of course am excited about the Guiding Star Project’s

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Checkmate on Choice

If you will, think for a moment about all the controversy and disagreement on the issue of abortion as if it were playing out on a huge chess board.  Imagine the opposing sides facing off in a battle to win

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