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Are You His Real Mom?

“Are you his real mom?” I remember looking around thinking, “who is this person talking to?” I continue changing my little man’s diaper in the restaurant bathroom. I talk to him as he is giggling and rolling from one side

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What's One More

When we started the foster care process a few years ago, I remember asking myself, “Can we really do this? Are we ready to become a family of 5? Even if it is only temporary can we do this?” I

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What Not To Say

My husband and I have been shocked by some of the things people have said to us when they learn that we adopted our children. Our family is now a multi racial family, so the fact that we have adopted

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An Open Letter to My Son's Birthmom

Dear First Mommy, He has called you that for as long as I can remember. His face always has that special smile when he says that “First Mommy.” Usually he says it when he has questions about you or when

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