"There is a gap in women's healthcare. As a woman with a masters in nursing I have always felt relatively well informed about my healthcare. When I was I in my childbearing years, I felt like there should have be more intellectual curiosity surrounding my infertility. All road led to Clomid but no one seemed interested in the underlying cause of my difficulties getting and staying pregnant. (I was blessed with two children, thanks be to God!) On the other hand, I felt like NFP was misrepresented in my marriage preparation classes. There was some anecdotal and bold claims around it that made me skeptical of the whole movement. Now, I am in my late 40's and see that there is a need for care of the whole woman. I see wisdom in NFP in ways that I hadn't before. I am hoping for a marriage of science AND faith for our next generation of women. It seems like that is your aim also and I support it."

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Our centers and affiliates serve women with a whole-life approach that honors their bodies and minds

We believe you’re not a number or a problem to be solved. You’re a natural wonder. And you deserve healthcare that cares about you.

The Guiding Star Project is a nationwide family of care centers that empower women to understand, embrace, and love their natural bodies. We facilitate cooperation between compassionate care providers to serve women and families in a growing community of convenient, professional, welcoming locations. We’re the “new norm” in wholistic women’s healthcare.

“I currently don’t have insurance and was referred to go to Guiding Star. I was worried that since I didn’t have insurance I would be rushed out, but that was not the case. Tammy Taylor (Nurse Practitioner Midwife) took her time. She has a great bedside manner, and she and her staff made me feel comfortable. I will continue to come here even after I get insurance.”
— Ashley C.

Every Guiding Star Center is dedicated to providing support in our
Four Core Service Areas

Natural Fertility & Family

Pregnancy & Childbirth

Breastfeeding & Postpartum Services

Family Life

Feel the difference with a wholistic approach to women’s healthcare.

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Learn how you can empower women to understand, embrace, and love their natural bodies by becoming an affiliate location.

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Who The Guiding Star Project Serves

We serve all women, whether you’re entering adolescence, surprised by an unplanned pregnancy, experiencing infertility, or seeking wholistic women’s healthcare on another stage of your journey.

The Guiding Star Project honors the daily work and learning of women, men, and children with enriching family life services and support.

As a growing national family of wholistic women’s healthcare and family resource providers, we seek to make our world a more beautiful place one life at a time. You can help us serve by donating here.

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“They are so much more than an OB office. They help families in need to provide a support system. They really support the family unit in a way that most places don’t. They help you pre-pregnancy, post-, and everywhere in between. You really go above and beyond to make your patients feel like they are family. My children love it there every time we go.”
— Chelsea R


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