Personalized online fertility instruction and education
from the comfort of your own home

Learn From the Experts

For over 35 years, the SymptoPro Fertility Education team has been providing quality, effective, personalized fertility charting instruction. They firmly believe that every woman and couple has the right to understand the way their bodies work and what a woman’s healthy cycle looks like.

Guiding Star has partnered with SymptoPro to offer you personalized fertility education online. We know not everyone can make it to one of our centers to learn about fertility charting. That is why we are offering SymptoPro’s online program. When you purchase a SymptoPro course, you receive a great program and personal guidance from a certified instructor. And, you also help financially support The Guiding Star Project in the process!

Meet Our SymptoPro Instructor

Cortney is a SymptoPro Fertility Education Instructor based in Dallas, Texas. She has been using the fertility awareness method since 2011, and began working with SymptoPro in 2015. While initially interested in fertility awareness-based methods of family planning as an alternative to using chemical contraceptives, she has come to appreciate fertility awareness as a holistic approach to women’s healthcare. Cortney believes that a woman’s fertility is a natural, healthy part of her biology, and that it should be celebrated rather than treated like an illness. When she’s not coaching women on their cycles, Cortney enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter, traveling, and all things Jane Austen.

Fertility Education from the Comfort of Home

With the SymptoPro Fertility Education course, you will receive personal guidance from your certified instructor as you learn to chart your fertility and apply the SymptoPro method to your unique personal family planning and hormonal health goals.

  • Get your fertility charting questions answered by an experienced personal instructor
  • Learn to chart your fertility
  • Be guided through three comprehensive learning sessions and all related assignments
  • Receive access to educational online courses for you and your partner (if applicable)
  • Work together with your personal instructor to reach your fertility goals

“I really couldn’t be more pleased with the education and support we have received by taking the SymptoPro course. My husband and I were very nervous to take the course and attempting charting for the first time but our fears diminished so quickly when we saw how much constant support and guidance we received throughout the learning process.”

– Jane and Mathew, New York

What is Included?

To help you in your fertility education journey, this course includes:

  • Four months of initial access to the online course, with the option to renew if necessary. Renewal is $10 and provides 30 additional days of access. Most clients finish the course in 1-2 months, with no renewals needed.
  • Additional online resources and client testimonies to help you on your journey.
  • A personal instructor who will accompany you throughout the course and work to ensure you understand the materials and can apply the method to your personal circumstances accurately and effectively.
  • Access to our medical referral process for clients with hormonal health concerns.

What Do I Need?

In addition to your SymptoPro membership, you will need to purchase a few extra items:

  • The textbook for the course, which is available in e-book ($7.50 USD) and print formats ($20.50 USD)
  • A basal body temperature (BBT) thermometer – You may use one you already own or purchase one of the options shown on your course homepage (Starting as low as $10)