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Endometriosis: An Invisible Illness

Endometriosis is a rather mysterious condition that causes endometrial tissue (uterine lining) to grow outside of a woman’s uterus. These painful endometrial lesions respond to a woman’s hormonal cycles, growing and then shedding and then growing again. It’s surprisingly common,

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The Woman Behind Adoption

  It seems as though whenever someone talks about adoption it comes with a negative stigma attached: “My sister in law’s brother adopted and the baby was taken from them when the parents changed their mind!” “My coworkers son was

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“Cuties” – When A Lesson Goes Awry

Media outlets were abuzz with Netflix’s recent promotion of the French film “Cuties” directed by Maïmouna Doucouré. Cries of “child pornography” were coming from all sides, while #cancelnetflix became the number one trending topic on Twitter, causing Netflix to lose

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Have You Heard Of Sex Week?

This week, many college campuses are holding a “Sex Week” following Valentine’s Day, promoting “sexual health awareness and comprehensive sex education.” Here are some of the hosted workshops and events found at Harvard: “Hit Me Baby One More Time: BDSM

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