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The Cost of Being a Working Parent

THE COST OF BEING A WORKING PARENT It has been a long week—as she smells the aroma of coffee beginning to drift through the air and looks at the baby snuggled up beside her that has finally fallen asleep after

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Remembering Mom

In the summer of 2018, I lost my mother in law to health complications after a lengthy battle with cancer. My husband’s mom was just 40 years old when she received a diagnosis of stage four breast cancer in 2000.

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An Unplanned Response

Note: Please use caution if you are sensitive to pictures of babies who have been delivered too early. This post contains such photos. Three years ago, this May, I experienced a second trimester loss of my monoamniotic (MoMo) twin sons.

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Greenwashing and the Pill

I was raised on a healthy diet of coca-cola, lays potato chips, and hamburger helper. Eating clean, and having an awareness about products that I use and ingest, wasn’t something that I was brought up worrying about, or even considering.

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How to Live a Lasting Legacy

The word history signifies the entirety of past events that are associated with someone or something. As women, sisters, mothers, daughters, and friends we are writing history on the pages of our memoir each and every day. The last chapter

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