The Truth About Late Term Abortion

13227657543_02b45a0175_oI had a late-term abortion procedure.
Although I’m a very private person, I can’t keep silent any more.
I’m mad that there are women who are not told the truth about abortion.  I’m furious, actually.  I saw firsthand the destruction caused by the lies about abortion.
After my baby’s heart stopped beating late in my pregnancy, I was sent by my doctor to an abortion clinic in Los Angeles to have the procedure known as a Dilation and Extraction.  I had no idea beforehand that my doctor had sent me to an abortion clinic. There were no “tells” once I arrived since it looked just like a regular doctor’s office.  The name “abortion” wasn’t anywhere on any placards or brochures.  You can call me naive, but my husband and I were in the haze of grief and some things may have gone unnoticed. It wasn’t until I left the first day of the two-day procedure and was approached by protesters outside of the clinic that I fully realized where I was. I realized I was going to go through the abortion process (except that my baby’s heart had already stopped beating).
We spent that night on the phone talking with my doctors and our insurance company, trying to convince them to send me elsewhere.  I was already distraught over the loss of our child and I couldn’t even fathom delivering in a place designed to end babies’ lives.  In the end, I had no choice.  The doctors would not refer me elsewhere and I was told I would get sick if I didn’t go through with the rest of the procedure the next day.  In our grief, we were unable to think clearly and find a way to fight this.  So with great trepidation we went to the clinic the next day, albeit numb and in a state of shock.
I was ushered into a waiting room where the other women sat as they waited to go in for their procedures.  It was just us women – no friends, support partners, or nurses.  It was a closed room and we were free to talk.  They shared their stories and their reasons for undergoing their late abortions.  I was the novelty in the room – the only one there who didn’t choose to be.  There was an air of calm and friendliness among them.  As I sat there, my mind raced as I tried to find the words to beg them not to go through with it.  But, it was already too late.  They had already had the shot to stop their babies’ heartbeats.  Their babies were already gone.
One by one, we were called into the operating room.  When it was my turn and I was prepped for surgery, the doctor spoke to me in a kind voice and intimated that all would be just fine once this was done. I imagine he told all the patients that. The nurses smiled at me and patted my hand to reassure me, soothing me with their gentle eyes.
When I woke up in the recovery room, it was to the sound of weeping.  Gone was the air of easy calm among us.  The things I heard from the women surrounding me were unimaginably sad.  I could hear the shock in their voices.  The regret.  The pain.
“I want my baby back! I just want my baby back! Please!”
I spoke to the girl who said this, telling her that her baby was in heaven.  She didn’t have to worry for him.  But how flimsy these words must have sounded in the face of such a situation!  A woman is told that her decision to end her pregnancy is brave. Strong. Wise. The easiest option. The right choice. HER choice.  These words, fashioned into soft scarves, pull her into a clinic that claims to stand beside her. But as the girl next to me laid there on the bed, those silken words hardened into stones that now pelted her. Those words mocked her pain, proving false in the face of reality.
A nurse heard my words and stepped between us, shutting the curtain to block our interactions.  I felt the censure in the brisk, loud snap of the material.
The woman behind the curtain wasn’t the only one affected by these misleading narratives; the cries that I heard from the others around us told me that they too were reeling because of them.
After the recovery room, we were led to a separate room where we had to wait an hour before we could be released.  We were all writhing in pain, but the best that the nurses could offer was Tylenol.  Gone were the friendly smiles from the surgery suite.  We felt like we were now annoyances, begging for relief when they couldn’t give us any.  We received choppy answers, were told we needed to be quiet, or were simply ignored altogether.  Yet another lie revealed itself to these women: abortion IS extremely physically painful, especially in the later stages.
What happened to these women matters.  They didn’t enter into that clinic under the assumption that they were putting themselves at great risk of lifelong psychiatric disturbances including suicidal thoughts, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and depression. Neither my admission nor discharge paperwork mention the possibility.  It also failed to mention my increased risk of infertility and miscarriage with future pregnancies.  I believe that the real risks (of which these are just a few) are buried under language crafted to hide the very real devastation that abortion can cause women.  Pain is called “discomfort” and sadness and depression aren’t even mentioned (which is ludicrous as they are very aware that the manipulation of hormones stemming from ending a pregnancy through delivery or abortion puts patients at a very real risk of postpartum depression).  It seems almost criminal to forgo the mention of this to women.
Let’s set aside any discussion of culpability for the time being and focus on the fact that there are systemic lies that persuade women that abortion is not murder, and that it’s relatively easy and not unbearably painful.  My experience at the abortion clinic that day introduced me to the very real anguish that abortion brings to women.  I truly believe that several of the women at the clinic with me that day would not have entered the clinic if they had received a thoroughly honest portrayal of abortion.
I will continue my fight to get this truth out.  We all must do this.  If we really care for women and their well-being, they must know about abortion’s lasting and traumatizing effects. There are people that want to “defend women’s rights to make their own health care decisions”, and yet they want these women to make these decisions based on false or half-hidden information. This is neither loving nor honest, at best. There is indeed a war on women, but it’s being waged by the very ones who claim to love them most.
Today’s guest post comes from a mother of four and Guiding Star Project supporter.  
Guest Blogger

Guest Blogger

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  1. Thank you for being willing to share something so soul crushing as what you went through in the hopes it might help someone else. God bless you.

  2. I have no words to say about the doctor an insurance company but God can use this suffering to help others. My daughter lost her first child the same way but she delivered her son in a hospital and was able to have a funueral and we could all say good bye. Thank you for sharing your story. You are in my prayers.

  3. It’s difficult to fathom that a doctor, who knows you’ve suffered a loss of a wanted baby, would send a grieving mother to such a place. Every mother deserves to have her support group with her. Someone who loves her should be at her side when she wakes. And that’s not even to mention the lack of support offered or allowed to mothers who have been duped. In some states it is mandatory for a “life center” to provide info for the mother to have an abortion if she wants. The same should be required of an abortion clinic. If you walk in for an abortion, the clinic should be required to let you know of resources for life. God bless you for sharing your story and experience, eyes and hearts need to be opened.

  4. You are so very kind and gracious for sharing your story which is so painful to you I am sure. Thank you so much for this giving of yourself to other women as you have through your experience. God loves you!

  5. I did not have a late term abortion, but the mental and emotional turmoil after an early one (2 to 6 weeks) is tremendous, and there is no support. You are on your own, with no one to care.

  6. It’s horrible that her baby died. I don’t mean to negate that at all. But this story seems to have a lot of details missing that make it just not make sense.
    Why would a doctor ever send her to an abortion clinic if her baby has already died? The logical recourse would be to induce and birth her baby. If labor is something that is dangerous for her health then maybe a c/s. I can understand maybe not wanting major surgery for a baby that doesn’t even get to come home, but with the risks of d&e still seems a reputable dr would continue to care for her within the hospital setting that can provide anesthesia, or blood products and emergency services if necessary.
    Things just don’t make sense.

  7. Melodie VanderWal

    Reading your story (like others I regularly read), for the first time I suddenly realized why we don’t read more of similar stories. Guilt and shame. Many of those weeping women you described above are full of shame and guilt when they are post-abortion; regardless of whether they chose the act that produced the pregnancy or not, whether they chose the abortion or not. My heart aches for those women and I’m thankful that women like you are now speaking out and I believe it will – no it IS stopping others from making the same ‘choice’. Thank you.

  8. Evelyn, you are not alone in this. There is help and healing. Google Rachel’s Vinyard. Please reach out. There is hope after abortion. I have witnessed it, first-hand. I am with you.

  9. Thank you so much for sharing. What an awful experience. You illustrated it well. I felt as if I was there ad I read it. I am so sorry you lost your little one.

  10. Thank you for sharing this. I can not imagine how hard that was to endure, losing your baby and then having to watch as other women made the choice to abort their healthy babies.
    But your doctor. Wow. To send you to an abortion clinic?? I hope you have a different dr now, maybe one that is more compassionate.

  11. Thank you for sharing this experience. As a past Crisis Pregnancy Life Center I heard the pain that women went through after an abortion. Keep sharing your story. I’m so sorry you had to go through such trauma.

  12. Hi Evelyn. I had an abortion as well. My baby was only 7 weeks at the time of the procedure. Although I will always regret that decision I have been able to find peace and forgiveness through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ at the cross. He loves you and He can bring thexsame freedom for you. Check this ministry out, and make every effort to attend one of their retreats:

  13. – Rachel’s Vineyard is a safe place to renew, rebuild and redeem hearts broken by abortion. They offer weekend retreats.

  14. Money. Clinic was probably cheaper than hospital. Dr probably got some sort of kickback since dealing with insurance. This happened to a friend of mine. She was in a Baptist hospital. They induced labor as you suggested. They would have never sent her to a house of horrors. I was there with her for the whole heart wrenching experience. The Dr and nurses were fantastic before during and after. They even dressed the tiny girl and put her in a blanket for her mama to hold her. She was as long as my hand.
    But, back to the point, it is California and it was done to save money.

  15. Thank you for sharing your story, and I’m terribly sorry for your loss. It is one that I’m certain cannot be truly comprehended by those who have not had to suffer such pain. I think it is important for women to hear about individual experiences from those who can personally testify to the experience and the havoc it may bring, both physically and emotionally. My mother had a miscarriage after the birth of her first child in the 80s, and had to undergo a D&C. It was an emotional experience made worse by what she described as the lack of compassionate care provided by the nurses and doctor who attended to her. I always think of her when I read or hear stories about women who have miscarried.
    Having said that, there are many parts of this story that seem exaggerated for effect, and it greatly detracts from the author’s message. She might reach a wider audience without the need to attempt resort to such dramatization of the way she ended up at this particular clinic, along with how she describes all the other women around her – they were all weeping and moaning in regret and shock? ALL of the women around the author confirmed to her each’s individual reason for having such late-term abortions? Everyone in the discharge room with the author was ignored and told to be quiet so cruelly? You have an important story to tell — and it is YOUR story, no one else’s. You can’t pretend to tell the stories of the other women you encountered as if it were a universal truth. Their shock, regret, pain, shame, or perhaps relief, whatever it may be, is not truly yours to know.

  16. So sorry you went through this most horrible tragedy. We lost our first baby at 14 weeks and cannot fathom how anyone could choose to end an innocent life at any stage. Thank you for using your great loss and pain to share the truth with those who can choose to preserve and protect their babies’ lives!!

  17. Jane, thank you for your kind words regarding my loss. I’m also sorry that your mother had a lack of compassionate care at the time of her miscarriage. Regarding your questions, I took great pains to present my story exactly as it happened. This is why I waited over ten years to share my story; I knew that to share the honest truth about this raw and emotionally charged situation would repel and disturb some.
    I was very careful not to share specifics regarding anyone’s stories. Those stories belong to those women (who are in my heart constantly). Yes, all the women in the waiting room shared their stories. Our chairs were set up in a circle around the small room so we were all facing each other and couldn’t “hide” from the discussion. And no, I did not say “all” the women were weeping and moaning. I was laying down and didn’t see but heard the cries and words from multiple women. I don’t know the number beyond “several”, but even one woman is too many. All I spoke to was the regret that I did hear, and no, it is not my intent to claim that all the women there felt the same way. Lastly, I did not say that “everyone” was ignored or told to be quiet in the recovery room. I mentioned that the nurses did reply to us, but the stress and the frustration of the situation was evident in the tones of their voices. Again, it was a small room (the second recovery room), so it was very easy to hear everything that was taking place. There weren’t any dividers or curtains in this room.
    It is the regret that I heard from the other women which I addressed. It was very disturbing to hear that immediately after their procedures, and it broke my heart for the women who expressed it. It confirmed my belief that women are not being told the truth about abortion and I hope what I wrote helps others to see that too. Thank you for reading what I wrote, Jane. It means so much to me that my situation is being used for good.

  18. The two day procedure is because they have to open up the cervix with laminaria (basically expanding sticks) to make it easier for them to get into the uterus the next day for the D&E.

  19. Insurance companies trying to save money by sending her there instead of allowing her to have the procedure done more appropriately at a hospital where proper care could be provided.

  20. Sorry about your loss Amber. I am sure you already know this: Your baby is still with you. It will always be. Always. The short life of your baby inside your womb had a purpose. And he fulfilled that mission he came here even before being born. His life left a strong meaningful message: love. Turn your grief into love, live each day as a precious gift. Life is short. Fill each day with love. So much love to give. It is still there. That little baby is taking care of you. Eventually you will be able to see more of your beautiful angel. Peace and blessings

  21. I worked at a Crisis Pregnancy Centre for a couple of years. One of the best things we did was show every woman a video of an abortion. There was only 1 girl in all that time that went through with it. Only to return for grief counselling later. Iveheard many a young ,and middle aged, woman crying through counselling doors. We’ve had women tell their stories at fund raisers to keep our doors open to the community.
    Its not a D&C, its ending a life. And thats the trauma of it all. It will change you forever.

  22. Evelyn I care about you we don’t know each other but I do go to a nondenominational church and they can pray with you

  23. Probably this Dr. Was in on the selling of body parts! As horrid as that sounds it is a real thing! I am so sorry for your loss and what you had to go thru!!

  24. We lost our little one at 9 weeks gestation (his heart stopped beating on its own) and I had to have a D&C because my body wasn’t passing him naturally. Our doctor also referred us to, what I only afterward discovered, an abortion mill. I remember hearing all the women crying as I came out from anesthesia. I wasn’t sure why they were crying, as I thought we had all just had D&Cs. But we were all young… some teenagers (I was 22 and newly married). Now I understand. And their crying… I will never forget.

  25. Two reasons we don’t hear more of these stories. Yours, guilt & shame, is a biggie… the other is harder to explain & dispute…
    I kind of want to call it “confirmation bias” (where an experimenter confirms what they already thought was going to happen), but that’s not exactly it… it’s like… having done this thing, they feel emotionally unable to acknowledge the depth of wrongfulness of this thing they did. These women have been persuaded by popular culture that a thing that feels like MURDER, is actually “choice”… justifiable, courageous… They come out the other side and no longer feel justifiable or courageous for having made this choice… it JUST feels like murder. How awful can that be? To EITHER admit you’re a murderer OR go along with the crowd and proclaim yourself to be courageous & justifiable. And because you KNOW how wrong this is, you have to proclaim your courage even louder, just to convince yourself and others, to overcome the fact that you KNOW what you did was wrong.
    The fact is, at the point of having had an abortion, it is the most courageous thing ever, to admit that it was wrong. But without doing that, without admitting it to themselves and others, it’s impossible to FORGIVE themselves for having done this wrong thing… so they live forever feeling guilty, forever feeling angry, and forever feeling angry about feeling guilty… so when we hear this angry, self-righteous tone of the pro-abortion crew, it’s important to remember that for some of them, their own sense of self worth requires that abortion must be a good, justifiable, courageous thing to do.

  26. Makes you wonder if the doctor was in with Planned Parenthood and did it for the Money! She should report him.

  27. It is often because insurance companies will NOT pay the cost of a hospital delivery if the baby is no longer alive in untero. They may pay if it is deemed necessary. That can include much paperwork by the doctor, conversation between the doctor and insurance company, and some kind of special religious circumstance. There is a lot involved.

  28. Linda M Schureman Staszek

    ” ??????????? I am a 50.year RN and (“My.Hear-Strings So So Lovingly.Compassionately Send A Tremendous”)…Saying I So So Agree That (“Term.Abortion”) is Anyilatingly Devastating and JUST.WRONG! This is not sanctioned by (“Hippocratic.Oath”) absolutely against this. When a Baby’s Pulse Ceases does not sanction abortion but an in-hospital loving procedure! Abortion.Clinics are not the place to go! Hillary.Clinton is for Late.Term.Abortion (Even.@.Term Love Babies Killings).Which is (“Sharia.Islamic.Practice-Not Godly”)! My 50.year RN Practice is guided by God’s Laws (“Hippocratic.Oath”) plus Orthodoxed.Medicine which Forbids! Years ago My RN Colleague did a Nursing Contract in Saudi.Arabia..and while there She became Pregnant…Carrying to term but became toxic…So according to (“Islamic.Sharia.Law”) They killed Her (Kathy.Mush) Baby Girl in Utero Alive (Fully.Viable) saying Sharia.Law stated They Gave Her No Choice To Save Her Precious.Baby.Girl…Kathy Still Grieving after 35.years of Loss of Her Precious Baby! HILLARY.CLINTON is Pushing to Change Our Sacred.Blessed.Preserve.Life.Law to Sharia.Law (“Late.Term.Viable.Fetus.Killing.Abortion”)! Keep Sharing Your Stories To Prevent This Murdering Practice????????????! ABSOLUTELY MURDER! “

  29. Tragic that you had to go through this experience , but perhaps it was to enable you to be a messenger of truth regarding this barbaric practice. My baby was found to have no heart beat at 20 weeks into the pregnancy. I was admitted, induced and delivered my dead baby. As emotionally numbing as this experience was, my husband and I had the opportunity to hold our baby boy and have healthy closure to help deal with grief. So sad you were not offered this option. Bless you for sharing your story. I hoe and pray it will save the lives of many babies.

  30. Someone close to me had a first trimester abortion in the early 70’s. She felt she had no other choice…she was very young, her parents would disown her and the father was not going to be in her life. She went on to have two more later although I don’t know much about the circumstances. Truth be told, I went with her to the first one, something I pray for forgiveness for and feel God has heard me. My heart breaks at the thought now.
    I do know she suffered from lifelong regret and guilt, especially since she was unable to get pregnant again until nearly age forty and that child meant everything to her.
    She made her peace with God before she died but I know she would beg anyone to not do this. Get counseling, consider adoption, please use contraception.
    For those who have also felt they had no choice and now feel the same guilt and regret, know that my prayers are with you. I believe in a God of grace and mercy who forgives… none of us are without sin. My love is with you and my hope is that you will use your experience to help inform others that it is not what they are led to believe.
    Grace and blessings to all of you…

  31. We found out at around 10 weeks (the first ultrasound) that our baby had no heartbeat. They made an appointment for us later that day at the hospital for the D&E.
    Years later (and after having a healthy baby girl, who’s sitting next to me as I type this), I still get angry at having that child taken from us. It hurts. I cannot imagine how much worse it would be if we had been sent to an abortion clinic.

  32. I am almost 60 years old now. I lost a child in the womb. I was told i would need a D/E. There was no explanation. It was done in a regular examination room in the infertility office. The time was my birthday, right at Christmas time. I was only given something to calm my nerves, no real pain meds. A doctor of course, but nothing like in a hospital surgery room. The procedure started, I felt as if my insides were being pulled apart. I was screaming and screaming to stop. People were holding my legs apart where I couldn’t move. I fought and screamed so loud that everyone in the waiting room could hear me. Finally a nurse I knew came running in and started yelling at everyone including the doctor. She yelled, don’t you hear her screaming stop? Stop. They did stop, but the doctor said to the nurse, I didn’t get everything. I said let go of me, no more.
    The points I wanted to say is this, I can’t forget. I had so much pain from something with no relief. I couldn’t imagine that this brutality was allowed. I lost a baby to what was an abortion, an abortion for a child i conceived through much infertility intervention. You want to know why it was done in the office that day? Christmas and New Years time off for the doctor. He didn’t want to spoil his time interrupted for a surgery room while on holiday.
    I walked out crumpled.

  33. Donna Montanarella

    I too am a RN. I have worked in Labor and Delivery, Newborn Nursery, and mainly Pediatrics. I am also a mother of three beautiful, grown children and have three babies that I lost during my pregnancies, waiting for me in heaven. Two of those babies were lost early in my pregnancies due to miscarriages. Those loses were very sad and extremely upsetting. I have grieved them and am at peace about them. However, I had an intra uterine fetal death in my second trimester. I had my little tummy and was in maternity clothes. I had just started to feel my baby move. The day before my scheduled appointment I had a terrible feeling of impending doom. I went to the doctor, and when he listened for the baby’s heartbeat, he couldn’t find it. Ultrasound confirmed my worst fear. My baby had died. I was consumed with devastating grief. I loved my baby so much! The doctor told me that I could wait a few days and see if I pass my baby on my own. But he warned me about the possible serious consequences including infection that could scar my fallopian tubes and prevent me from having another child. I couldn’t take that chance. He told me that he was sending me to “an associate” to have the baby removed. I was so overwhelmed with intense sadness and grief that I was really incapable of functioning and decision making, so I just did what the doctor advised. I didn’t know that he was sending me to an abortionist. I have always been totally anti-abortion. The procedure took two days and was very painful and horrific. I had a similar experience as the mother in the article. I felt raped! When I woke up from him removing my baby via a dilatation and extraction, I felt an emptiness that words can not describe. He was going to throw my baby away. I had him put my baby, that he mutilated by the “procedure”, into a container and had my husband bury it at his grandmother’s grave. The physical pain afterwards was awful and severe for over a week. After that, it was like a bad period. For many, many, months, my arms physically hurt to hold my baby. My chest hurt from my heartache. The physical pain improved when I got pregnant and had my son. However, the emotional pain has never gone away. I still cry about everything that happened and still grieve the loss of my baby. It has been 29 years! I now read about women having intra uterine fetal deaths and they are induced.They deliver their babies with dignity. Their babies aren’t ripped apart. They have a supportive staff of nurses helping them. They get to see and hold their baby. These moms get to grieve normally. Although they are devastated by the loss of their precious babies, and will always miss them, they have a chance at peace. My traumatic experience has made me even more passionately against abortion. I can not even imagine going through what I went through, but with a living baby. I am very active in the pro-life movement and hope to spare other mothers from the pain I live with and worse.

  34. Another option for post-abortion healing Women who have been there themselves will lovingly walk you through this. Please seek help. I waited 17 years to find the help I needed and wished I had gone sooner. My life was changed tremendously after Deeper Still. You are worth it, you are loved, you are a daughter of the King!

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  36. I have attended a Rachels Vineyard. I attended to support a friend as I have never had an abortion, but i have had two miscarriages. You will find healing, love, and support at a Rachels Vineyard Retreat. Go! God is waiting to love and heal you and so is your baby .❤

  37. My heart goes with symphathy for these women.
    I wish someone, some how, would have showed them a better way-Adoption or Keeping their babies.
    I am a father, a grand father, and a great grand father. There is help out there with financial, emotional problems.
    We love all you women, that have had an abortion. You are not alone.
    We hate the abortion but love the women with our hearts. All the world needs is Love and Respect for all lives !!

  38. ❤️ God is using your stories to shine light to the world ❤️ Christ went through your exact pain and is with you as the only one who knows exactly how you feel.

  39. ❤️ God bless you and your family. Your angel is with you. Thank you for sharing your heart and story (with your child’s story) with the world.

  40. So beautiful to see the truth bravely spoken by so many here and the loving forgiveness attitude. I know first-hand that it is the mothers who have been lied to and are severely wounded when they are tricked and misguided into “choosing” an abortion. Satan’s biggest lie – sell ’em on one thing, give them something totally different. May we all be bravely guided by truth instead.

  41. Don’t make this political. Hillary Clinton is not “for” abortion, early or late term. You can not have any proof of this, only opponents statements. She is for a woman to make her own decisions about her body. Your example was not allowing a woman to make that decision. If people would not spread lies about the people they don’t like, perhaps you would find that she is a kind, understanding woman, just like you.

  42. Abortion is NOT about what a woman is doing with HER OWN BODY; it’s about what she is doing with the body of an innocent baby – killing it! Face it, it’s the TRUTH. Here’s a shocker for you, Kay: The only thing added to YOU since the moment you were conceived is nutrition. You are the same person that was conceived however many years ago!

  43. wow, reading these stories are so painful to know what some woman have to go through, I’m so sorry for each woman that had an abortion do to different choices of life. I can’t even imaging to lose a baby. Im sorry that it had to be this way for some of you. May God help you to overcome this difficult time in life. I pray that you will find healing in Chris.

  44. Christine Dolejs

    Dear Donna,
    I am so sorry. I know how you must have felt. In 1969, I had an illegal abortion. It was terrible even amidst the “niceness of dr. and nurses”. I since suffered for years mourning that decision and the little one. I received forgiveness and a new life full of forgiveness when I accepted Jesus. Thank you for your dear heart and your honesty.

  45. Christine Dolejs

    Your heart and honesty are beautiful. Thank you for your sharing such a sad time. Remember you are loved and forgiven. I found that out after 2 abortions.

  46. Christine Dolejs

    It is true that we can help others to know the horror and sadness, but also the freedom and forgiveness we have in Jesus

  47. Christine Dolejs

    I went through this too and suffered with depression and sadness for years until Jesus healed my pain and sorrow, guilt and hurt. Have you found Him? He loves you!

  48. Did you hear Hillary’s response to the question in the debate? This is political and her answer was disturbing. I am a nurse and a catholic and I firmly believe “thou shalt not kill”. Unborn babies are alive and deserve to be protected from harm.
    I also had a pregnancy that ended in fetal demise and it was difficult to have a D&C but I never felt that I had an abortion, for some natural reason the pregnancy did not progress and the fetus was not developing, there was no fetal heart beat which is considered a “still birth”. Sad, but the doctor was gentle in telling me that there was no viable fetus, I would have never been able forgive myself if terminating was for any other reason.

  49. My heart goes out to all of you who have bravely and so selflessly shared your experiences with us. I had a baby girl 20 years ago who only lived a few hours after i gave birth to her. I feel blessed to have had those precious hours, but heartbroken to have had to return home without my baby. 2.5 months after my daughter’s death I found I was pregnant again. All seemed good until my first ultrasound at 4 months and there was no heartbeat. I went back home to see if my body would miscarry over the weekend and that Friday night it happened. The pain, sadness, and anger that it was happening again was unbearable. A year and a half later i finally gave birth to my beautiful, healthy son. This, of course, didn’t take away the grief I felt from losing my other babies, but it did give me the ability to focus everything on caring for and loving my son. I couldn’t imagine going thru your grief and loss at having a baby pass away while you were that far along. It’s a unique sisterhood that we share as moms who have lost babies in any way, but the grief we feel is so deeply personal and different that while we can empathize, we never truly understand or can rightfully say “I know how you feel”, because we don’t. We can just be there for one another to sit quietly just so we’re not alone, listen and share stories about it pregnancies and what happened, cry with each other during those waves of deep despair, or scream together into the wind for the injustice of having arms that ache for the babies we lost- no matter how long ago. Thank you for sharing your lives.

  50. Hi, I grieve for this woman’s horrendous experience and for the many woman of all ages who have been through the very difficult decision and procedure of abortion, especially late term.I know they would not have taken this matter lightly- and I too wonder if they would have proceeded if they knew what happens to their baby once it is taken from them. I hope they can recover deeply in their souls.
    I have heard in the past from some, the reasoning that the woman says ‘its my body so I have the right to do what I want’—I cannot shake the conviction that this is an error of thinking…the baby is made up of cells from the man and the woman, so the baby is not her , nor is it a 100% hers, it is a new creation , a combination of 2 people so I believe is a person in its own right.
    We mum’s are only the carriers, not owners..we get the privilege of carrying and protecting this gift of life. Please hear my heart…I am in no way condemning anyone who has suffered the silent inner terror of an abortion..we each do what we think is best under very trying times… I do so hope that woman are treated with much more dignity, care and compassion when they are faced with the issues and options once they are pregnant and find healing from the emotional and physical stress for a decision they may find hard to live with.

  51. There are also the faces and the voices of the people who could have made a difference in the child’s life. There are many who can help prevent the devastating effect that abortion has on the mother. I was the last person, the last hope for an innocent child. I took a mother to an abortion clinic. The thought of what I did never surfaced as I kept pushing that memory back into the dark corners of my mind. It was not until I had a conversation with the mom that I saw what I did. I was able to accept my guilt after many years of refusing to accept what my actions or lack of had. With it, came the grief and the sorrow I now carry. I am saddened by my lack of action and how that child’s life was snuffed out by lack of courage. At that time I truly believed I was doing the right thing. I was blinded by the culture of death, the culture of acceptance. Now, I know the truth. If only I would have provided the loving support she needed. If only I would have spoken the loving words to help her understand that she was loved, that her family would have loved her, that her baby was loved and that her baby was going to be the most beautiful gift she received from God. I know she would have kept the baby, if only I would have reached out. These are the many regrets I live with and the shame for not having stood up. I know that God has forgiven me and he calls me to speak out. Although I cannot save that child or that mom, I can try to save others by sharing what abortion really is. Abortion is murder. It is a murder against the most innocent. It’s a destruction of life, not only the child’s but the mother, the father and all those whose lives will be affected by their death. “We cannot conquer abortion if we do not understand it” I truly believe that unless we see what abortion is and how it is affecting EVERYONE, we will never conquer it. We all need to be the voices for these children and the support group which the mothers so desperately need. Don’t be afraid to stand up for the rights of the unborn. We need to be strong for the moms and their babies.

  52. I heard her say it on a TV show. Out of her own mouth. She also said an unborn child has no human rights even up to the day of birth. I’m not American. I’m not for or against one party or the other. I don’t live in America. But I did hear her say that and was so shocked.

  53. Pingback: Blogger describes the suffering of women from late-term abortions

  54. I am so sorry that you lost your beautiful baby.
    I know you would have been a very, very wonderful mother.reX

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