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An Open Letter to Melinda Gates

The timing of your recent article, “Keeping Our Promise to 120 Million Women and Girls,” and the Global Family Planning Summit in London could not be better in light of the upcoming Natural Family Planning (NFP) Awareness Week. We are

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Ricki Lake: New Feminist?

I learned recently that former talk show hostess Rick Lake has begun work on another documentary concerning women’s health. This one, called Sweetening the Pill, has me really excited because it supposedly is going to be focused on shedding light

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Will the Real Men Please Stand Up?

I was just having a conversation on my Facebook page with a friend, inspired by this story.  My posting that story was as a bit of a comparison to this story.  The conversation was about how sad the world has

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Pursuit of Beauty

It should come as no shock that the prevalent American culture puts a high value on the sexual identity of a woman. How sleek, slender and fierce she looks in order to complete her job or attract a significant other. Well this

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