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The Art of Simplified Beauty

This morning, I happened to look down at my belly the moment the light caught my stretch marks just so, illuminating the translucent-purple lines that grace my naval and slink out across the expansion of flesh. I am not pregnant.

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Feminism Redefined

To those who think that feminism is poison: Let me introduce myself. I am a SAHM of 6 darling children, a wife to an amazing man, a homeschooler, a church-goer, a daughter, a sister to 6 siblings and their spouses,

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Desperately Daddy

(Adapted from this post here.) The sighs and cooing of an overtired baby are a constant symphony in our bedroom late at night. I roll over to see my equally-tired hubby rocking my youngest as his lamb-like lowing floats across

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Open To Life

My husband and I just shared the news publicly that we are expecting baby number eight. We’ve lost two so the ones who are left with us would be the five littles, age 9 and under, whom I chase around the

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Will the Real Men Please Stand Up?

I was just having a conversation on my Facebook page with a friend, inspired by this story.  My posting that story was as a bit of a comparison to this story.  The conversation was about how sad the world has

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Modesty in the Modern World

There’s much a stir in cyber space about the word ‘modesty’ these days. The antics from both sides of the fence, from all over the map, blare loudly across social media and the blogosphere.  Whilst most everywhere you look, the

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