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When Someone You Know is One in Five

Statistics say that 1 in every 5 births will result in a loss.   More number crunching will reveal that the majority of these losses will be miscarriages, and in the early first trimester.  Numbers can be helpful.  They can tell

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Mapping Our Births

We are excited to feature Guest Blogger, Peg Conway, with her debut piece for The Guiding Star Project, Mapping Our Births! In a sprawling slum outside Nairobi, Kenya, activist cartographers use hand-held GPS devices to put this otherwise undocumented city

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Not a "Real Baby"

This theme has been cropping up since we first heard the devastating news from the ultrasound technician,  “The baby’s heart isn’t beating.”  At that moment I would have traded my own heart if it meant my baby’s might begin to

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