Have You Heard Of Sex Week?

This week, many college campuses are holding a “Sex Week” following Valentine’s Day, promoting “sexual health awareness and comprehensive sex education.” Here are some of the hosted workshops and events found at Harvard:

“Hit Me Baby One More Time: BDSM in the Dorm Room”
“Sexual Fetishes A-Z”
“One is Not Enough: Open Relationships, Non-Monogamy and Polyamory”
“Cookies and Condoms”
“What What in the Butt: Anal”
“Beyond the Hub: Broadening Your Porn Horizons”

To me, these workshop titles do not cover “comprehensive sex education.” They are perpetuating a toxic, unhealthy view of sex.

“People ask us why we may want to host an event on BDSM, anal sex, or orgasms. These are legitimate expressions of human sexuality that students may have questions about and so we have a duty to provide that education during Sex Week,” Lita D. Peña ’19 wrote in an emailed statement.

A Healthy Alternative – Women’s Health Week

The Guiding Star Project is launching a pilot program this year on select college campuses to combat this cultural narrative. College students are notorious for wanting to explore and experiment, but shouldn’t there be a way to express themselves while learning healthy habits that can last a lifetime?

At Guiding Star, we understand that in order to create a Culture of Life, we must share our message of hope with young people, empowering them with the ancient truth about their bodies and natural abilities!

Meanwhile, many young women are yearning to hear about the benefits of living life in union with natural law, and experience the freedom that comes with understanding their true value. The purpose of Women’s Health Week is to create this vision on college campuses.

The intention is to create a recurring presence on campus by generating conversation, education, and awareness of what true Women’s Healthcare is meant to be. We discuss some of the major assaults against women in regards to Healthcare, and focus on how we can be informed to take care of our own bodies, naturally. Women need to learn how to appreciate our incredible feminine abilities.

Spreading Wholistic Feminism

We advocate for wholistic feminism: the idea that the body, mind, and spirit are intimately connected. You cannot be reduced into parts without degrading the dignity of your whole being. Wholistic Feminism is a growing movement that crosses many cultural, religious, and political persuasions- it’s an idea whose time has come.

It is based on natural laws and focuses positive attention on the natural physical abilities of women’s bodies to ovulate, gestate, and lactate, providing everything necessary for new life to grow and thrive.

Topics for Women’s Health Week Include:

Natural Fertility Methods: “Organic, Green Sex”
Biological Reality of Sex: “You Are Not a Mistake”
Lactation: “De-sexualizing Breasts”
Assaults on Women’s Health: Question Your Care

As it stands now, Sex Week is perpetuating the idea that women are not enough, suggesting that women need to suppress their fertility with birth control, watch porn, use sex toys, dress provocatively in a “slut walk” to reclaim their bodies. These are not sustainable perspectives.

College campuses are institutions of higher learning that are full of young inquisitive minds; so we need to promote self-understanding and self-love in order for there to be hope of healthy relationships among students and with their romantic partners.

Women need to empower themselves through education. They need to honor their bodies by understanding them and sharing themselves in a healthy and wholistic manner.

No one is speaking for young women in a healthy and measured manner. We must offer students choices that make them feel good- in body, mind, and spirit. To look for love in someone who respects them.

Empowerment is beautiful. Wholistic healthcare is necessary. Wholistic education is key.

Look out for Women’s Health Week at a college campus near you in the near future!

Sophia S. Armenakas, Jenna X. Bao, and Connor W. K. Brown (2018, November 5) “Harvard Sex Week Returns to Stimulate Campus Conversations.” The Harvard Crimson. https://www.thecrimson.com/article/2018/11/5/sex-week-2018/

Anna Mayer

Anna Mayer

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2 thoughts on “Have You Heard Of Sex Week?”

  1. I love the concept of helping woman understand their “feminine Genius” to quote Pope Pius in 1957. I have started promoting these narratives at the Pregnancy center I work for. Thank you for this article and encouraging me to reach out to the universities in my area.

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