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A Tale of Two Marches

In just a few days thousands (possibly hundreds of thousands!) of women will converge on Washington D.C. to commemorate the Presidential Inauguration of Donald Trump with a protest. This “Women’s March” started out sounding like such a great idea! After

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In the name of chocolate

I love the fall. Crisp cool weather.  Changing leaves.  Apple festivals.  Halloween. Especially Halloween. I have great memories of dressing up, running from house to house collecting as much candy as I could possibly get, and dumping the candy into

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Not My Rapist's Son

Twelve years ago, I was held against my will for almost a year. I was abused, tortured, and raped.Before I was able to leave, I discovered I was pregnant. Society pushed me to get an abortion. Did I want the child

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I have a friend who…

I have a friend who called me not too long ago sobbing. She had just found out she was pregnant with her fifth child. She had no idea how she was going to “do this”. She was emotionally, physically and

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