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NFP is Just Too Hard

Sometimes Natural Family Planning (“NFP”) is just too hard. Maybe you’re avoiding pregnancy and your fertile time aligns with your wedding anniversary (or worse, your wedding itself…).  Maybe you’re breastfeeding and your postpartum cycles are so confusing that you have

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A Tale of Two Marches

In just a few days thousands (possibly hundreds of thousands!) of women will converge on Washington D.C. to commemorate the Presidential Inauguration of Donald Trump with a protest. This “Women’s March” started out sounding like such a great idea! After

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Do We Have to Tonight…..Again???

You’ve been trying to get pregnant for almost a year. You’ve read all of the books, taken ovulation tests, spent more money on pregnancy tests then you care to admit and yet you still aren’t pregnant. Why? What happened to

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The "I" Word…

It was a Sunday, early evening in July. I remember it very vividly. We had company at our house and I noticed the caller ID flashed across the TV as the phone rang. It was my doctor calling from his

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