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A Mother's Pain

  It was a time of intense trial and suffering for our family. Of course no family or person is immune from hardship or suffering. Now it was our turn. As always, we had our faithful family members and friends

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Mothers Always Know

I was putting on my flip flops to go back outside for more walking when I realized that perhaps I should not leave the house after all.  I looked at the round tub next to me, longing for the warmth

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Rebuilding the Culture

The Guiding Star Project has been getting a lot of email inquiries and other activity lately, so much in fact that we are having trouble keeping up with it all! I of course am excited about the Guiding Star Project’s

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Why Feminism?

Every so often (rather often, in fact) this or that person in the blogging world, in politics, or in every day life will comment that Feminism is not needed anymore. They say the word is too “tarnished” now, being associated

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Pro-Life Feminism

I feel like I’ve been carrying a secret. I’ve worked hard to create my online “persona.” Diligently posting on my blog, commenting on other mommy bloggers sites, taking writing classes, even attending a blogging conference. Waiting and hoping for my

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