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Not a "Real Baby"

This theme has been cropping up since we first heard the devastating news from the ultrasound technician,  “The baby’s heart isn’t beating.”  At that moment I would have traded my own heart if it meant my baby’s might begin to

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GSP Reacts to Plan B Decision

For Immediate Release May 3, 2013 Minneapolis, MN – The Guiding Star Project reacted to the news of the approval by the FDA to allow sales of the “Plan B” Morning-After Pill to girls as young as 15 years old,

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Gosnell Trial Reaction

For Immediate Release April 15, 2013 Minneapolis, MN – The Guiding Star Project has been closely watching the Trial of Abortionist Kermit Gosnell. Leah Jacobson, Founder of the Guiding Star Project had this to say, “We here at Guiding Star

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The title here may have led you to believe that I am going to be writing about pregnancy.  I am not.  I am, however going to endeavor to discuss with you an aspect of femininity that my husband and I have

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