March for Life – An Encouraging Picture

The Guiding Star Project was very pleased to be able to participate in the March for Life this year.  It was a chilly and snowy day in Washington, D.C.  full of meetings and speakers and conventions and of course the March itself.  Conservative estimates said it was attended by over 500,00 people.  According to Eternal Word Television Network, which hired a private group to assess the numbers in attendance, the estimates were closer to 650,000.   What struck me was the number of young people.  Everywhere you turned there were throngs of young adults and teens joyfully standing up for life. These young people are the future and they are overwhelmingly pro-life.  They are so open to the message of New Feminism.  They “get it,” they can articulate it, and they aren’t intimidated.  For me this was perhaps the single most encouraging aspect of the March for Life.
This year marked the 40th Anniversary of the Supreme Court Decision to legalize abortion.  Forty years of abortion on demand in this nation.  Forty years of lies and mis-truths about women, their bodies, and their babies.  While this is a sobering and heartbreaking reality, it was heartening to see that while it may at times seem we fight a stagnant or losing battle, we are making headway – we will bring about a culture of life!  The Guiding Star Project is prepared to play a big part in this cultural transition.  We met with pro-life leaders from across the country.  We made connections and forged new friendships.  The response was overwhelmingly positive and enthusiastic.  “This is just what we need!”  The vision and mission of the Guiding Star Project is exactly what is needed to propel our culture towards life.
We at Guiding Star are committed to using the New Feminist methodology to proclaim the dignity and beauty of femininity, birth, mothering, and natural law.  Women are entrusted with the human person in a unique and personal way, and so as we are unabashedly pro-life, we are also unabashedly “pro-woman.”  While we hope that this was the last March for Life that will ever be needed here in America, we are committed to stay the course and to boldly stand up for women and their children for as long as it takes – until we have reached our goal and truly Lit the way to a Culture of Life!



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