In Memoriam

A sample of an Obituary for Babies who were Victims of Abortion from last year.


We received the above clipping from one of our wonderful supporters.  We thought it was a thoughtful and thought-provoking response to the approach of the Anniversary of Roe Vs. Wade on January 22nd.  The Guiding Star Project would like to encourage others to take similar action in their communities.  Below you will find a sample an obituary that can be submitted this year.  We suggest placing it in your local Newspaper so it will be printed around the 22nd of January.   Please check with your local paper as some only print obituaries on certain days of the week.

We at the Guiding Star Project are committed to “Lighting the Way to a Culture of Life” by creating holistic, comprehensive centers nationwide that provide support for natural means of family planning, fertility care, childbirth, breastfeeding, and family life.  In addition to being a place for women in every stage of  life, these centers are all designed to support and assist mothers who are facing unplanned or crisis pregnancies as well as those who are suffering from a loss or from post-abortion regrets.   The Anniversary of Roe vs Wade serves as a stark reminder that we must continue to serve women and to speak to the value and gift of Femininity and Fertility.   The  54,559,615 babies who have been lost to abortion since Roe vs Wade legalized Abortion on Demand deserve to be mourned and their short lives honored.  There are many things you can do, but perhaps something as simple and meaningful as placing an “In Memoriam” in the newspaper or journal might be a way to both honor their lives and to touch the lives of others who may otherwise assume they are unaffected by the reality of abortion.  At the very least, don’t these children deserve to be remembered?

Sample Text:

(please feel free to copy or paste this text as written)

In honor of the 54,559,615 lives lost to Abortion on Demand when it was legalized on January 22, 1973, a Memorial March will take place in Washington DC on January 25, 2013.  (mention any local events as well).   The children whose lives have been lost to abortion are survived by their mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins. They were lost before they were able to realize their potential.  We mourn the loss of these babies who were to become our future fellow citizens. Some of them would have been our future doctors, lawyers, mothers, fathers, classmates, policemen, soldiers, nurses, mechanics, and friends.  Friends of the deceased are encouraged to pray for the healing of those whose lives have been directly impacted by abortion and most especially for those who made the decision to end the lives of these babies.  Sadly, no funeral arrangements can be made and these children will never have their right to a proper burial honored.






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6 thoughts on “In Memoriam”

  1. women who have abortions do not do it willy-nilly. usually they are economically strapped and refuse to bring a child into this world under less than idyllic circumstances. it takes a very long time for a baby to be placed in to adoption and they are usually in foster care first before anything positive can happen for them. you do not mention the abortions that are done because of rape or incest but hopefully you realize that it is part of the first admendment of free speech free expression and thus a womens body is hers to do what she pleases with. if men can do what they want with their bodies so can women no double standard should apply

  2. The child is not a part of her body. Separate DNA. Many of us were born in the world into less than idyllic circumstances, and that does not somehow make us worth less than someone who was born in a “perfect” scenario. Pro life organizations such as the Guiding Star Project seek to bring about a change in this world that supports women and children no matter the circumstances. This means supporting the relationship between women and their children in many ways. To foster this sort of change, we must systematically eliminate the reasons a woman may feel forced into an abortion. Killing our children is not the answer to equality.

  3. I think the idea of a Memoriam is simply to honor the life of someone who has passed away. It gives value to the life one has lived. It doesn’t go into how they died, or even who killed them. It simply states this person existed and was worth remembering. It may also list accomplishments or remind people to offer condolences and support to family that is left behind. That is what these baby obituaries do. They remind us that no matter how long or hard we argue about abortion and women’s reasons for it, etc., there is a still a little person who lived and died. And they remind us that there are going to be people whose lives are affected by this loss of life and need our love. And that deserves to be remembered and reflected upon.

  4. Even if parents are living in less than idyllic circumstances, why should they have the right to kill their child? When my daughter was born, we were well below the poverty level and not in what anyone would call an ideal situation. But when it comes down to it, if you put a gun to someone’s head and said “die or eat ramen noodles for the next 10 years”, I think most people would choose to live. The child in the womb is not given the choice to decide. Parents do have the choice of adoption for their child and, if a mother is willing to work with an adoption agency, the baby can be placed with a family right away at the hospital.
    The problem with a woman “doing whatever she wants with her body” is that now there is another person involved. There is another person living inside her body and she shouldn’t have the right to do whatever she wants to the person inside. I own my house but that doesn’t give me the right to do whatever I want to another person inside of it.

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