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The Thief of Joy

President Theodore Roosevelt once said,”Comparison is the thief of joy.” I have never found this to be more true than in my life as a mother. My kids recently participated in a week long summer program for kids. The program

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Pro-Life is a Verb

When I was in college, I defined being pro-life as “protecting all life from conception to natural death.” I still very much believe in that definition, but as a mother now, I would like to propose a new depth to

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The Art of Slowing Down

Amazon recently ran a special discounting their prime membership for a year.  Knowing that Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood is on it, I jumped on the good deal as a fallback for surviving the next two months of pregnancy/winter with four feral-like

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Things I Shouldn't Have to Say

I am someone who loves memories.  I love photo albums, journals, and anything that reminds me of how blessed our family has been and is.  We tried something new this year, an idea from pinterest that actually materialized and didn’t

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The Importance of Pro-Life Doctors

Like many people I know, I have been spending the month of November attempting to be deliberately more aware of my blessings.  I’ve written before about keeping a journal in which I have been listing the blessings in my life,

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