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Having it all as the Mother of Five

  I sit down to write this blog post (which is 5 days overdue) between three kids jumping on the trampoline with large bouncy balls, one playing a computer game, one riding his bike in the alley behind our house,

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Ricki Lake: New Feminist?

I learned recently that former talk show hostess Rick Lake has begun work on another documentary concerning women’s health. This one, called Sweetening the Pill, has me really excited because it supposedly is going to be focused on shedding light

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The Feminine Abilities

  I’ve been asked several times recently what I mean when I refer to this idea of “The Feminine Abilities”. I use the phrase when I speak and sometimes when I write. By “Feminine Abilities” I am referring to the

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Checkmate on Choice

If you will, think for a moment about all the controversy and disagreement on the issue of abortion as if it were playing out on a huge chess board.  Imagine the opposing sides facing off in a battle to win

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