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For Immediate Release:

The Guiding Star Project Announces Partnerships with several National Fertility Care & Natural Family Planning Organizations. The Guiding Star Project is excited to announce formal relationships with several prominent Fertility Care and Natural Family Planning organizations.  SymptoPro Fertility Education from

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A word from our Founder

It has been a time of explosive growth and development for Guiding Star and we are so happy to have you along for the ride. When a young group, like Guiding Star, goes through a period of such rapid growth

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Twinkle, twinkle…

Several years ago, when I set out on this journey that has become the Guiding Star Project I had a vision of comprehensive wellness centers that could meet the varied needs of all women. These centers would be places where

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Together For Life!

On September 17th, the Guiding Star Project partnered with The ProLife Center at The University of St Thomas to host our Together For Life fundraiser in the Twin Cities. Abby Johnson was our main speaker and we were so honored

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Investing in Friends

Recently I had an encounter with a friend I had not seen in years. It started as a friendly Facebook message, “Hey can I get your phone number?” Excited to catch up with her  as it had been a few

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