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An Open Letter to Melinda Gates

The timing of your recent article, “Keeping Our Promise to 120 Million Women and Girls,” and the Global Family Planning Summit in London could not be better in light of the upcoming Natural Family Planning (NFP) Awareness Week. We are

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Muddling through Modesty

It happens every year around this time without fail. The various mothering groups that I belong to inevitably begin the modesty discussion and every year I cringe and ask myself if I really want to get involved…again. I used to

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They Call It The Curse

They call it, “The Curse.”  It’s a subject that makes us squirm in our seats or feel embarrassed in the grocery check-out line.  Most of us are not comfortable with the subject of menstruation.  We certainly don’t have positive associations

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Some women are dripping with diamonds, Some women are dripping with pearls Lucky me! Lucky me!  Look at what I’m dripping with: Little girls! I have three girls.  And when I say girls, I mean GIRLS.  With the exception of

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In a fit of empty-nesting/surviving another Minnesota winter, my mother has been cleaning and organizing old pictures.  To say she has come across some humdingers would be an understatement.  We have been enjoying looking back at hysterical pictures of my

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