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Is it Time to Bring Back "Homemaker?"

“So you’re just a homemaker now?” my grandmother asked as we watched the cousins play together during a summer visit to my hometown. I wasn’t sure how to respond. The term “homemaker” seems so outdated. And “just a homemaker?” What

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Dropping the belief of "fair"

When I was teaching, it would inevitably come up: that something wasn’t fair. I taught an inclusion classroom which meant that some kids received adaptations based on their individualized education plan (IEP.) Some of the changes were not easily noticed

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Fecundophobia? Seriously? Try Neoteny.

Over the last 3 weeks, there has been a buzz about the newly termed “fecundophobia” or fear of children and fertile women. It is argued that this fear is the problem with our society. Really?  That’s our great problem? I’m

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