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Ricki Lake: New Feminist?

I learned recently that former talk show hostess Rick Lake has begun work on another documentary concerning women’s health. This one, called Sweetening the Pill, has me really excited because it supposedly is going to be focused on shedding light

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Natural Family Planning…It's a party?!

The topic of Natural Family Planning is a complex one that is as unique as the couples who choose to use it.  For some it’s very simple, straightforward, and easy.  For others it’s a challenge, needing detailed counseling from a

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Our Call to Advocacy

We are all advocates in some way. We may not view ourselves as such, but in our words and actions we advocate. We strive to advocate for good: caring and loving others, doing the right thing, and speaking out against

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Nice to Meet You!

I am excited to introduce myself to you as the new Executive Director of The Guiding Star Project! My name is Laura Ricketts and I hail from the Shenandoah Mountains of Virginia.  I am privileged to be a wife and mother to

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BIG News! GSP and GSD officially affiliate!

The Guiding Star Project officially affiliates with its mother organization, Guiding Star Duluth! Many of you may not realize that The Guiding Star Project actually got it’s start in Duluth, MN under another name, Guiding Star Duluth in 2009. If

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