Mommy BrainIt goes by many names: mommy brain, milk brain, baby brain—Call it what you will, it’s all the same thing. It’s a phenomenon that most mothers encounter in their pregnancy and postpartum days that makes them forgetful. It can turn someone with a super memory into a fool.
We’ve all panicked because we can’t find the baby who happens to be in our arms. We lose things with disturbing frequency—keys, wallet, glasses, etc. It will cause you to forget names, birthdays, appointments, and let’s face it, a lot of other things that make you into a blithering idiot.
Here are my top 5 Mommy brain moments:

  1. Double Rinse? I was finally getting on top of the laundry. I was so proud that I had gotten a load washed before noon. I threw it in the dryer, turned it on and let it dry. The buzzer buzzed, I had a free moment to take it out and I unloaded it right back into the washer and turned it on to wash. There went my laundry done by noon dream.
  1. Can I get your number? You know those reward cards at the grocery store? Well, I never put mine on my keychain, and it got misplaced. But yeah, that happens even without Mommy Brain. But, they have a little keypad for you to type your phone number in, which is just what I ended up doing every time I went to the store. Well, I had no idea what my phone number was. I typed in every phone number that I thought was mine…nothing. I finally had to tell the cashier that I wasn’t sure what phone number it was under and ask to use the store card.
  1. Twice as comfy. I was making beds in my boys’ bedroom. Grabbed two sets of sheets and started to make beds. I got done with the first bed and wondered where on earth the second fitted sheet ended up. I looked all around, threw blankets and pillows and stuffed animals all around looking for that darn sheet. I gave up only to realize the next time I stripped beds that I had put two fitted sheets on one bed.
  1. It’s in style. I once wore a dress inside out. All. Day. Long. I don’t do that sort of thing. I’m the person who makes fun of people who do that. Imagine my surprise when I finally realized that the seams were on the outside of my dress and I had nowhere to remedy the situation. I wonder how many people took notice to that and just shook their heads.
  1. Fill ‘er up. This last experience is perhaps my favorite. It was my very first experience with Mommy Brain and I can still remember the embarrassment. It was the eighth month of my pregnancy and I had a doctor’s appointment. I needed to give a urine sample and went into the bathroom to do so. I finished going to the bathroom and realized that I had completely forgotten to pee in the cup. I had to go out there and hand the empty cup to the nurse and explain to her that I had forgotten. She got a good laugh out of that one.

Do you experience Mommy Brain? What are some of your favorite forgetful moments?