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The good kinda of gossip

When I first got married I remember several women, both of my own age and that of my mother’s, warning to me to be careful of those “mom groups”, or “wife’s night out gatherings.”  They gave a cautionary tale of

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Accepting Help

As a high-energy, type-A, go-getter who comes from a family of high-energy, type-A go-getters, I have always struggled with pride and perfectionism.  Pride in the fact that I am (under normal circumstances) able to accomplish a million things in a

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Living a Life of Gratitude

If you spend any amount of time on facebook or pinterest, you likely saw the someecards card that reads “Black Friday:  Because only in America, people trample others for sales exactly one day after being thankful for what they already

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In Thanksgiving for My Mom

I have a confession: I am stubborn. It feels good to write it. I am stubborn. The fact that I am stubborn is what made me believe that I truly did not have it in me to stay at home

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