What Every College Campus Needs: Women’s Health Week

“Why would you want to get your period?  Why would you want to be pregnant? Here’s a pill to take care of that.  Suppress your fertility!”

This about sums up the messages that women hear about their bodies. 

Why is it that something so integral to who we are; our natural biology and unique abilities to ovulate, gestate, and lactate; are kept in the dark from us? Why are the biological functions of women’s fertility not better understood and celebrated?  

The Guiding Star Project wants to change this worldview by taking a wholistic, natural approach; always leading with beauty! That is why we have created Women’s Health Week. Women’s Health Week is dedicated to helping college students understand the truth about the GOODNESS of their bodies, their amazing natural capabilities, and a deeper understanding of how to embrace the gift of their unique personhood. It will be a week celebrating natural law, truth, and biology; posing questions to students that will truly engage them. 

We give them the facts, scientific research, and studies to help them come to an understanding of truth on their own!  The daily topics will help students understand that good healthcare supports their natural functions and does not suppress, alter, or destroy their natural body. It gently exposes birth control, abortion, and pornography as CULTURAL PRACTICES that say that women are not good enough. That we need to change ourselves in order to measure up. 

Our response is that YOU ARE GOOD. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE CHANGED. Women’s bodies are not a mistake, but a beautiful masterpiece. Fertility and pregnancy are not diseases.  They are healthy functions of the female body and signify that something went amazingly right. Women’s Health Week has been designed to help students understand what is happening during their monthly cycle, the development that happens during pregnancy, the incredible capabilities of their bodies during childbirth, and share the simple truth that the purpose of breasts is much more than sexual appeal.  Men are also included in this program. We want to help them understand women’s monthly cycles and encourage them to assume their role in supporting women’s health.

The last day of Women’s Health Week focuses on affirming the truth that your natural body is good and it speaks a biological reality. Men’s and women’s fertility systems are the only systems in our body that don’t make sense apart from each other. When society encourages sex reassignments and artificial hormonal manipulation, they are again feeding the lie that there is something wrong with us and that we are not good enough.  Instead of sending that message, we would like to help people understand the purpose, intentionality, and goodness of their bodies, rather than helping them destroy something natural and good. All of the information used for our Women’s Health Week is overwhelmingly supported by natural law and scientific evidence, and we believe every human being deserves to hear these truths; especially college students who are at such a formative time in their lives.  

Every woman deserves to be equipped with the knowledge about the goodness of her biology and the sacredness of her infinite worth so she can truly make informed decisions that support her wellbeing.  We continue to be thankful for the unique gifts of women and are in awe of their irreplaceable contribution to the world. We are excited for the ways that Women’s Health Week will better equip women to more fully embrace the gift, honor, and privilege of womanhood. 

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Caitlin Bostrom

Caitlin Bostrom

Caitlin is a lover of life, music, dance, and adventure. She graduated from Ave Maria University in sunny, southern FL with a degree in Theology. After graduation, she decided to become a Culture Project missionary where she served the youth of western OH as a speaker proclaiming human dignity, sexual integrity, and proper use of social media. She has now returned to her home state of MN where she is excited to experience harsh winters again! She is a big fan of chubby babies.

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