Women’s Health Week

Join us in a cultural change movement!

Applications are now being accepted for Women’s Health Week registration, but time is limited! From now until October 31st, apply to be one of the first college campuses EVER to participate in this pilot program!

Women’s Health Week is an answer to the crisis of female suppression in our world today, particularly in regards to women’s healthcare. It is an innovative, week-long program specifically designed for college students. We use natural law, biology, and the sciences to give education on women’s health!

What's different about Women's Health Week?

We give a clear definition of what true healthcare is— support for our natural bodies without altering, suppressing, or destroying them.

We expose modern day cultural practices, such as birth control, abortion, and pornography, as unnatural and unhealthy. 

We focus on the BEAUTY AND INTENTIONALITY of women’s bodies, particularly highlighting her unique abilities to OVULATE, GESTATE, and LACTATE. We include education on natural fertility methods, an inside view of pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding.

Uniquely, we include men in this week, helping them understand the unique biology of women so that they can play their vital role in supporting women to protect their natural health.

We explore the biological REALITY of sex and the complementarity between man and woman. We address the new cultural trends of transgenderism, and share the severe risks that are being taken in this new form of human experimentation, particularly targeting children and adolescents.

How does it work?

Our Women’s Health Week program equips you with all the materials, instructions, and partnership with Guiding Star necessary to successfully launch a Women’s Health Week on your own campus.

The Women’s Health Week Toolkit includes:

  • Detailed How-To Manual
  • Guiding Star logo stickers
  • Three Webinars with Guiding Star team and support to assist throughout the whole process
  • Digital copies of drop-cards for advertising
  • Digital graphics for social media posts for each day
  • Digital copies of posters for each day
  • Digital copies of educational brochures corresponding to each day's topics
  • Video presentations for first and last day by Guiding Star Project Founder, Leah Jacobson , MA, IBCLC

Cost – $500

*You will receive a response about your application within one week of applying, and will receive further information about purchasing the Women’s Health Week Toolkit at that time.


To bring Women's Health Week to your campus, apply below!

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