The Biggest Attack Waged Against Women


Why is there such a culture of death in our world today? I could list a whole list of different reasons why, but today I want to keep it simple. Very simple.

It all comes down to one tragic fact: Many people today are failing to recognize the splendor of every human person. This is the culture of life’s biggest enemy.

So what can we do to change this?

A true culture of life will only be realized when we learn to reverence and honor every person. But let’s not stop there. When we truly love something beautiful, when we recognize something so very precious and unique, then naturally we want others to appreciate it too, right?

Cultivating a culture of life requires that we help others see the splendor of every human life. Allow yourself to fall in love with the unique beauty of every human person, so much so that you simply can’t keep this beauty to yourself. Can you get in touch with your sense of awe and reverence for the human person once again?

This is the philosophy that defines the Guiding Star Project. We strive to ensure that every woman knows that she is valued and honored. We see her own unique beauty. We celebrate the natural, glorious way her body is intentionally designed. We create centers that holistically advocate for women to truly thrive—physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

When we invest in women in this way, it gives them the strength and understanding to recognize the splendor of every human person in the womb! There is an intimate connection between care for women and care for the pre-born that simply cannot be separated. At Guiding Star, we recognize this intimate connection so we can more fully serve the women we encounter. When people fail to recognize this connection, they sever something so natural and deprive women of the care they deserve.

Abortion is the biggest attack waged against women that history has ever known. Abortion is failing to recognize the humanity of women because it is failing to recognize her motherhood. It is taking away from her the gift of her own flesh and blood. By the culture successfully convincing women that abortion is the answer to their problems, they are actually taking advantage of women, exploiting them, and leaving them in greater emotional, physical, and mental anguish than ever before. Abortion is destroying the culture of life.

One of the best ways to save the innocent humans in the womb is by not failing to recognize the dignity of every woman. 

Guiding Star is striving to be the answer to this crises waged against women. We holistically address women’s healthcare and tell them the truth about their dignity, worth, and the natural glory of their bodies.

We cannot do this alone, and we need all of you to help us by more fully understanding what it means to live out the culture of life every day! Whatever state of life you are in, you have the opportunity and responsibility to live out the culture of life through every single encounter. If we truly see the humanity of every person, we would never stop marveling.

Let’s begin to celebrate the gift of people’s presence—their irreplaceable, unique glory—and joyfully share this glory with others. The Culture of Life will only be fully realized when everyone chooses to live this way!


Caitlin Bostrom

Caitlin Bostrom

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