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This past year I traveled to different middle schools and high schools speaking about human dignity, healthy relationships, and sexual integrity. Naturally, when I had a room with only girls the topic of periods would come up. I was blown away by how many young girls knew nothing about their own fertility. All they knew about their period was the fact that they bleed once a month, they hate it, cramps are the worst, ice-cream is a must, and guys just don’t get it. Sound about right?

My biggest question is why is it that more women know nothing about how beautifully and intentionally their bodies are designed?

Too many girls waste time worrying that they have an infection when they simply are producing normal cervical mucus.

Too many girls are popping Advil left and right thinking that their intense cramping is a normal experience.

Too many girls settle for birth control because they are experiencing too heavy or irregular bleeding.

Too many girls think of fertility as a problem that holds them back in life.

It is time that we change the way we look at fertility. This change happens naturally if we simply know the facts, know what to look for, and learn the art of paying attention so we can work with our bodies!

Fertility is not a problem that needs to be changed, manipulated, shut down, or destroyed.

Fertility is a gift that deserves to be reverenced and understood. 

Did you know that understanding your fertility actually gives you a window into your overall health?

That is why when doctors prescribe birth control for “medical reasons” it simply is not the best health care. It is masking the problem by covering up the symptoms that are pointing to a deeper issue. It is working against your body.

It is time that we stop settling for band aide cover ups. When a problem has been masked for so many years, oftentimes the problem continues to worsen without our knowledge of it. When a woman finally wants to get off birth control, it can be too late.

Ladies, when it comes to our health, we need to stop settling. This is our mission at the Guiding Star Project. We are helping women get down to the root of their symptoms. If there is no problem, we are helping women understand what is going on in their bodies throughout the month! This self knowledge is transformative, empowering, and necessary to fully embrace the beauty and joys of being a woman. 

Let’s start working with our bodies. Let’s start understanding. Let’s start noticing. And enjoy the positive ways it transforms, heals, and empowers our day to day lives!

Caitlin Bostrom

Caitlin Bostrom

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