I love breastfeeding. It might be one of my favorite wonders of the female body.  Being able to nourish my baby, with my body, even though she is on the outside, is awesome.  I love the bonding that I get to have with her.  And I’m sure you’ve heard all the arguments on how breastfeeding is healthy for both mother and baby.  But breastfeeding has some other perks. Here are a few of my favorites:
Lasagna–Call me Garfield. I really like lasagna. I also really like that I can eat lasagna for an afternoon snack. After all, I’m eating for two. And not the type of “eating for two” that adds to your hips. Guilt free lasagna eating. And if I happen to skip my daily snack, I like to think of that as my daily workout. Yep, I sat in my rocking chair with my baby and didn’t eat a piece of lasagna.
No late-night tampon runs–Have you ever needed to make a run to the store for tampons? And, all you need is tampons but there is a poor teenage boy running the register. He says “how are you?” and then notices that all you have is feminine products and regrets his question. So, in order to not create an (even more) awkward situation for the poor fella you grab a candy bar. Then you realize that tampons and a candy bar might not look great either. The kid now thinks you are a raging hormonal maniac who needs that candy bar and he is afraid to handle it, just in case it might melt. Yeah, well when I’m breastfeeding, I don’t have to deal with those situations.  I could always send my husband, but then you get a panicked call from tampon aisle. What sort of absorption do you need?
Awkward situation out–I’m not shy about nursing in public. If my baby is hungry in the grocery checkout line, I’ll feed her.  I have no issues with it. But have you ever been in at a gathering or some sort of situation with your baby where you just need an out?  Well, I’ve got one!  Breastfeeding is the perfect excuse to excuse yourself for a little bit (or a lot) of time. “Oh, she’s hungry. I’m just going to go on over there and feed her”.
Take along milk–I’m not going to pretend that I’ve got it all together.  When going on outings with kids in tow, I’ve forgotten to bring diapers or wipes with me on occasions. You know the feeling. You go into a public bathroom and pray that they have paper towels and not the air dryers, because trying to wipe a baby’s butt with public restroom toilet paper is just…messy. At least a makeshift diaper can be made out of one of the million sweatshirts or other clothing items strewn around my car. While I’m willing to go to great lengths to diaper my kid, I’m not really willing to create a make shift meal out of the leftovers in my car. Which is why it’s so awesome to have portable feeding apparatuses. And they have free refills! I can drink that sippy cup of leftover juice if I’m thirsty but I don‘t think I‘ll be feeding it to the baby.
No spilling bottles in diaper bag–You might have picked up on a little secret.   I’m not organized.    And not having to cart bottles around, saves space in my already overflowing diaper bag and saves my poor van from getting even messier than it already is.  With as much stuff as I have in my diaper bag, you would think that one of those spill proof cups might just stay upright and in place because it really shouldn’t have room to move.  But it doesn’t and it spills.  And I just don’t think I could handle spilled milk.
More room in my kitchen–When you are breastfeeding, you don’t need a bunch of bottles around.  This saves room in my kitchen.  The cupboards are already pretty full  I’d have to put my wine glasses in storage.  It’s just not the same drinking wine out of a Buzz Lightyear cup.  I’d do it, but my son tends to be territorial about those sorts of things and this just saves me a tantrum
Now, you know why I love breastfeeding so much. What are some of your “favorite reasons” to nurse your baby?