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Can Pro-Life groups work together????

For those of you who are familiar with the Guiding Star Model you know that good collaboration of separate service providers and organizations is essential to the realization of our mission. We are working to create comprehensive women’s centers that

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5 Things I’d Rather Have Covered

Couple of links in this one…….check them all out and you’re sure to feel more passionate about the HHS contraception mandate. Our friend Becky over at Reclaiming the has given us permission to repost her article on things we’d

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There’s an App for that

Gotta love innovations that make motherhood easier (and just plain cool!) Our own Kristin Detloff shares the latest on smartphone apps created with the nursing mama in mind over at  Read her latest TechTalk post and then share your

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Believe in your Body

A few weeks ago we asked over on ourFacebook page  and our friend site Living the Sacrament for you to share reasons why you choose to use natural methods of family planning versus the widely championed artificial birth control being

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Having our Say….

Deadly health risks for women: The unspoken side of the Obama birth control mandate By Jenn Giroux February 14, 2012 Reposted with permission from For far too long there has been an ominous silence across America on arguably the

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We have a say too.

I am sorry we haven’t been posting here in response to the chaos and insanity taking place all around us with the HHS Birth Control Mandate.  It has been a month of trying to catch our breath and figure out

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