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In October 2005, my husband and I went to the doctor to see our very first baby for the very first time.  It was a routine 20 week ultrasound and we were so excited to catch a glimpse of the

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Checkmate on Choice

If you will, think for a moment about all the controversy and disagreement on the issue of abortion as if it were playing out on a huge chess board.  Imagine the opposing sides facing off in a battle to win

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For Fear

I have been part of an abortion. I was just a student, still in nursing school, having just completed my OB rotation. The mother was young, like me, but the pregnancy was very much planned. What she didn’t plan for

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Pro-Life Feminism

I feel like I’ve been carrying a secret. I’ve worked hard to create my online “persona.” Diligently posting on my blog, commenting on other mommy bloggers sites, taking writing classes, even attending a blogging conference. Waiting and hoping for my

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