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To Be a Woman

It is of supreme importance to talk about the Feminine Abilities and to try to give them the honor and respect that is their due, because they are so often disdained in our culture. I wonder sometimes, however, that if

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The Disempowerment of Women

Parenting experts often discuss the importance of how parents talk to their children. Parents are reminded to keep discussions positive and to uplift children by our encouragement and trust in their abilities. Call a child stupid or worthless often enough,

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Get Thee To An Instructor!

I have a confession to make. I wasn’t always so confident in tracking my fertility signs as I am now. Ahaba Marriage Meter app Not the sort of saucy and sordid confession you were hoping for? Sorry. But that’s my

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Infertility and Infant Loss Resources

It is Infertility Awareness Week and we at The Guiding Star Project would like to join our thoughts with the many who struggle with this issue. Sometimes infertility means being unable to conceive. Other times it can take the form

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Pornography 101

Guiding Star founder, Leah wrote an opinion piece last week about Miriam, the Duke University Freshman who is receiving a lot of media attention because she is working her way through college by starring in porn films. The post got

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