Our Videos

The Guiding Star Project has a collection of informative, helpful videos on YouTube.

Meet Our Speakers

Leah Jacobson speaks on: 

  • The History of the “Old” Feminist
  • Movement & the Dawn of “New Feminism”
  • Traditional Feminist Ideologies & their Failings for Modern Women
  • The Language of Women’s Health and the Implications on Authentic Care
  • The Guiding Star Project: Wholistic Women’s Health & Pro-Life Collaboration
  • The “Feminine Abilities”: Reclaiming Female Bodies with Ovulation, Gestation & Lactation
  • Teen/College Talk on Feminine Abilities: Fertility, Childbirth, & Breastfeeding
  • The Role of Breastfeeding in Open Adoptions

Molly Marie Daley speaks on: 

  • Fertility Awareness & Natural Family Planning
  • Authentic Feminism
  • The Culture of Life

Kari Beadner speaks on:

  • Natural Childbirth
  • Childbirth as a Pro-Life Issue

Laura Ricketts speaks on:

  • Bereavement, Hope & Healing
  • Reproductive Loss as a Pro-Life Issue

Jamie Rathjen speaks on:

  • From Desperation to Empowerment: Know the beauty & mystery within your own body, so you can truly choose