Tuesday, November 5th - 7:00pm CDT

Postpartum Depression

Have you or someone you love suffered from the affects of Postpartum Depression? Join us in learning more about the often ignored and pushed aside women’s health issue of Postpartum Depression. Teresa Kenney WHNP is a certified medical consultant practicing in Naprotechnology, specializing in fertility awareness. She is a member of the American Academy of Fertility Care professionals and taught the Creighton Model Fertility System as a fertility care practitioner for seven years.

Registration cost – $10.00

Tuesday, November 12th - 7:00pm CDT

Wholistic Feminism in Women’s Healthcare

What is the problem with the current culture of women’s healthcare? It does not honor women’s natural abilities to ovulate, gestate, and lactate. The Whoistic Feminist understands, embraces, and loves her natural body, and takes this outlook into her doctor’s office. Guiding Star Founder Leah Jacobson will present on the worldview of the Wholistic Feminist and how we need a new voice in women’s healthcare.

Leah has been working with young people and mothers since 2000. Leah founded The Guiding Star Project in 2011 after feeling called to help women and families by providing resources that honor Natural Law and promote wholistic feminism. She seeks to create Guiding Star Centers to serve as beacons of hope, joy, and truth — safe havens that uphold human dignity in all stages of life. Leah lives in Minnesota with her family and works as a board-certified lactation consultant. As a
mother to seven children, she has a special interest in supporting
young women as they transition into their roles as new mothers.

Cost: $10.00

Tuesday, November 19th - 7:00pm CDT

From Desperation to Empowerment

Without knowing all our options, we are not really choosing. Throughout history, trends show that a lack of education regarding fertility and family planning lead women and couples to make unhealthy and even life threatening decisions regarding their health and fertility. Learning about the beauty of fertility and the natural spacing of practices will help women and couples appreciate the beauty and mystery found within their own bodies.

Presented by Jamie Rathjen, Executive Director of Guiding Star Cedar Valley. Jamie has a Master’s degree in Community Health Education, where she studied the effectiveness of fertility awareness methods and their exclusion from most medical settings. Her experiences have led her to believe in the power of fertility awareness to transform women, families, and our culture.

Cost – $10.00

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