Infant Loss and Perinatal Support and Care

A Short Embrace

For families that receive an adverse prenatal diagnosis for their baby, pregnancy can change from a time of joyful expectation to a time of fear and confusion about the upcoming birth and death of their child. 

  • We see the possibility for Perinatal Hospice care to be offered in Guiding Star Centers. The ability to offer birthing services in our centers will allow us to serve families expecting special babies and provide all the services that a family saying hello and goodbye might need.
Every life deserves celebration and joy, regardless of how long it may be.
Prenatal Partners for Life
The premier organization offering support for adverse prenatal diagnosis is a wonderful MN-based group called Prenatal Partners for Life. Their resource section is a comprehensive list of providers. We will not attempt to duplicate it here, but instead direct you to their very capable and loving hands. 
The Angelica Joy Story


 Another resource we highly recommend comes from a family in Duluth, MN who share the story of their beautiful daughter, Angelica Joy.


Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

For families wanting to preserve the short time and memories they have with their baby, Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep is a wonderful resource; connecting professional photographers to families for free photographs of their child.

Miscarriage and Stillbirth

Losing a child at any time is a deeply personal and difficult time for many women. There are a number of beautiful groups providing loving support to mothers grieving the loss of their child.