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A Helping Hand

In general, there are few things that can entice me to grocery shop with all of my kids in tow, for obvious reasons, but deals too good to pass up is one of them.  Our local grocery store has a

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Battle Buddy

Finding your almost two-year-old standing on your kitchen counter digging in the cupboard for candy, completely naked. Calling your mother in tears to exclaim, “I’m running out of places to hide the knives!”  or “They figured out the childproofing again!”

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Appreciating Authentic Masculinity

Last October, our family moved basically into the middle of nowhere to a beautiful house on 12 acres of woods.  Shortly after we moved in, our parish priest came over to “scout out the land” with my husband and put

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"There's Only ONE Mom!"

Ahhhhh . . . do you hear that?  The sound of . . . well, not silence, exactly.  I am currently typing this in the midst of seven kids five and under thundering up and down the stairs in a

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Our Alex

When I was in my second year of teaching, I had a co-worker come up to me in the hallway and inform me that she had had a dream that I was pregnant, that she was “usually pretty good about

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Accepting Help

As a high-energy, type-A, go-getter who comes from a family of high-energy, type-A go-getters, I have always struggled with pride and perfectionism.  Pride in the fact that I am (under normal circumstances) able to accomplish a million things in a

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