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Hello, and thank you for visiting our site to learn more about The Guiding Star Project. My name is Leah and I feel honored and blessed to be able to bring you my vision for building a Culture of Life.
Just a little background on myself and how Guiding Star got started….
I am a wife and a mother living in northern Minnesota.  I am not a professional community organizer, but somehow, amazingly, I am the voice behind The Guiding Star Project. I gain my insights and inspiration for this Project from many places; including (but not limited to) my previous work as a college campus minister, being a wife since 2003 and a mother to six young children since then, the education I have gained as a Board Certified Lactation Consultant, and mostly the women who have filled my life with friendship and sisterhood. God has used the many experiences of my young life to mold together a picture of what a Culture of Life could look like in our world. I am passionate about bringing that Culture into existence.
It all began in the fall of 2006, shortly after I had left my position as campus ministry coordinator and just a few short months after the birth of my second child.  Feeling impatient and unsettled and wanting to do more to help other young mothers and women, I went to a nearby adoration chapel to pray and seek guidance. Thinking that perhaps I was being called back to school for a degree in nurse midwifery, I approached prayer that evening as we so often do, with my own agenda and asked God for His blessing on my plans.  Little did I know that God had something else in mind for me!
After nearly three hours in the chapel and a notebook full of inspired scribbles, I knew that what I was being asked to do was not of my own making. I was not called to be a midwife, but I was called to help mothers and families in a way that seemed far beyond my capabilities as a young mother myself.  God was asking me to work to create centers that honor Natural Law and promote New Feminism; Guiding Star Centers to serve as beacons of hope, joy, and truth in a world that often treats women and family as broken and insufficient.
The idea for Guiding Star was ahead of anything I had ever imagined possible for our world and is something that I know in my heart God alone is orchestrating. I joyfully submit to this journey and welcome all who desire to walk alongside me to join the efforts of Guiding Star in uniting our resources, talents, and prayers in achieving a Culture of Life.
Peace and joy to each of you,

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